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I hate to bring this up! I know . I know.. But we’ve gotta ! What are your plans to keep busy , and happy ( hopefully) during the 3 week break ?

I thought it might be fun to come up with a list of things to do, to help keep our spirits up!

It doesn’t have to be some huge long list.. Maybe 5 things , or even just 3 .

Hopefully you’ll get the gist when I post a few of mine.

Here is a few random things from my list.

•Answer the phone 3 times saying,
” Pope and associates ! ” or something else witty.

•Bust out the flat iron and swoop my bangs to the side. ( ” YAAASSS GAWD BITCH! MY HAIR IS LAYYYED LIKE, “)

•Learn how to quiver my lip like Olivia when I’m sad ..Instead of busting out into tears.

•Sniff/Inhale one of Tony Goldwyn’s Sweaters

•Buy a pair if gloves

•Bust out a wall slide.

• Get proposed to by a senator

See ? Simple stuff. Not too bad right?

Sound off , Gladiators!